About Us

We provide accurate up to date information on the laws and administrative practices of the Irish State regarding all aspects of Immigration.

Our service is confidential.

We will advise you regarding on your immigration issues based on Philip's enormous administrative experience as a senior manager in the Garda National Immigration Bureau over a 12 year period (up to December 2013) and almost 32 total years in An Garda Síochána. 

The advice provided will inform you of your situation within the context of the Irish Immigration. Am we will give you relevant applications and an informed estimate of your chances of said applications being successful.

You may have more than one option and if so we will advise you on all of them and tell you which of them we consider best in your circumstances. We will also inform you of the consequences of failure to obtain a positive response to the application and what right of appeal you may have.

We pride our selves on always delivering the truth as we understand it, and being clear if we believe an application is unlikely to be successful, or were there are no appropriate immigration remedies. 


Philip Ryan - Immigration & Security Consultant

Philip was a senior manager in the Garda National Immigration Bureau, over a 12 year period. Since setting up this consultancy he has provided in-depth information and guidance to thousands of customers and has assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses in obtaining their desired outcomes in immigration, naturalisation, and employment permit applications.


Phil J. Ryan - Business Manager/migration Specialist

Phil J. is in charge of the day to day operation of the business. He works directly with Philip in consultation and is in charge of all file preparation. He has a comprehensive understanding of Irish Immigration, especially Naturalisation and Work Permit processing.

Since the founding of the business he has advised/assisted in advising 1000s of clients regarding Irish immigration matters and has prepared applications that have aided hundreds of individuals in regularising their position in the State.

He has an Advanced Diploma in Immigration & Asylum Law from The Honorable Society of King's Inns, Dublin, a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies from Dublin City University and a Masters of Science in Comparative Social Change awarded jointly from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. 

He is an active researcher in migration and is currently working with SMARTlab UCD on technological solution to the social issue of migration and specialised in migrant receiving country relations, integration- especially through naturalisation, and the development of soft border solutions. 


Rebecca Ryan - Customer Relations

Rebecca is in charge of the reception and secretarial duties of the business.

Her duties including setting appointments, managing correspondences, taking payments, and pre-consultation processing.